About Us

Vilnius Apartments
Team Leader and founder of Vilnius Apartment

 Vilnius Apartments was created in the 2013 by Marija Bakaite in collaboration with Natalia Semerovno. At the beginning it was conceived only as a multimedial platformfor for renting in the wake of the international platform Adormo.com.

Later it’s become a real “crew” composed by many different freelancers, which when it occurs, they combine their own skills and experience to cooperate and develop it as much better as they can.

Right now, it’s composed by several real estate agents from differents countries, Photografer, Seo Developers, Translators, Lowyer, P.R., Web designers, which now they live and work legally in Lithuania.

What we do?

We offer an alternative and quite cheap way to rent a flat or a room in Lithuania  for a short or long permanence,  in a way to avoid the classic “fraud” when  foreigners look for an apartment  by internet.

We mainly offer two type of service: 

We provide rooms or apartments  for a short-term rent.  

3.   We provide apartments for a for long-term rent.

If you want have clear and honest opinion about us, from those who have already used one of our services, here you can directly ask to them.