0.  How it works the  service “Searching home” ?

  1. The main frauds?
  2. How to choose the right flat?
  3. Average apartment’s prices for each district?
  4. It’ s possible to find big flat with 4-6 separeted rooms? 
  5. How much cost utilities in Lithuania?
  6. How much cost live in Lithuania?
  7. Better rent a flat or stay in dormitory?
  8. What about Korner Hotel?
  9. It’s safety use our service?
  10. It’s possible rent just one room  of an entire flat if i’m alone?
  11. I’m alone, where can i search flatemates?
  12. It’s possible to rent for 6 months or less?
  13. How to book a room or a flat?
  14. I dont find any interesting flat in the database of Vilnius Apartments
  15. Are personal details protected somehow?
  16. I don’t like any flat listed in the website… what to do?
  17. What it’s the rent price?
  18. What it’s the deposit?
  19. What it’s the Vilnius Apartment’s fee?
  20. What it’s the down payment ? 


1)The main frauds you may face are:

  •  The deliberate omission  by the real estate advertsiments of the costs of gas, electricity, water and heating that sometimes duplicate the monthly rent. 
  • The total absence of private advertsiments in newspapers, public sites, at  Universities or  bars, with the consequence that 90% of real estate market is controlled by private agencies through three main websites entirely managed by them. 
  • Real estate agencies, even if they work honestly, go along with the requirements of  the landlords, omitting or being vague about extra costs, since they take a commission from the landlords.
  • The photos on real estate sites often are modified, hiding what you shouldn’t see. They are made with wide-angle with the purpose to cheat about the real dimension of the space. In addition, it is often difficult to figure out how many sleeping rooms there are, or if it’s  a bed or a sofa bed.
  • Hyper-estimate of the market’s price of the new apartments.
  • Difficulty to find apartments with more than 3 bed-rooms.
  • You need to know  that the phrase “three-room apartment” does not mean that this has three bedrooms. Often a living room is considered a bedroom for many lithuanian. 
  • Difficulty for a foreigner to “to read well and decode” what is really written in one of the many advertsiments on the internet.

2) The choice of the flat

Searching for a flat you should take into consideration the following factors:

  • The price should not be calculated on the basis of m2 but according to the number of single room.
  • Type of heating
  • Distance to the city center
  • Electric cooker or gas
  • Cost of water per m3
  • Type of property
  • Distance from the bus stop

3) Average apartment’s prices according to the district

It’s difficult to draw a line since the enormous differences between new, renovated and old apartments. The average price for ( Out of center/Old Town flat), excepted for our flats is:

1 room apartment around 35m2 never cost less than 220/380€   

2 rooms apartment (kitchen + 1 bedroom)  never less than 300/450€

3 room apartment (kitchen + 2 bed rooms) never less than 350/500

4 rooms (kitchen + 3 bed dorms) never less than   400/800€

The price is directly proportional to the distance to the city center with some differences highlighted  below. However you should take into consideration that there are not buses that runs throug the old town (the red zone).


                                                         Name of districs:

Red zone:     > 35Lt/m2 
Yellow Zone: 20-35Lt/m2                  Senamiestis        (Red zone)
Blue Zone:    15-25Lt/m2                   Uzupis               (Red zone)
Pink zone:    14-20Lt/m2                   Snipiskes            (Yellow / blue zone)
Black area:    <15Lt/m2                     Antaklanis          (Yellow / blue zone)
                                                                Naujamiestis      (Yellow / blue zone)
                                                                Zverynas             (Yellow / blue zone)
                                                                Seskine                (Pink zone)
                                                                Fabjioniskes      (Blue / Pink zone)
                                                                Zirmunai             (Pink zone)
                                                                Baltupai               (Pink / Black zone)
                                                                Jeruzales             (Pink / Black zone)
                                                                Naujaninkai        (Black zone) 

 Vilnius rent map

IBS:     International buisnes school
VDA:   Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts
VGTU: Vilnius Gediminio Technical University
LEU:    Lithuanian Universityof Education’s Science
TTVA:  International School of  Buisness and Law
ISM:    International School of Managment

4) It’ s possible to find a big flat with 4-6 separeted rooms?

In Lithuania, for historical reasons related to its architecture and the Soviet short-sightedness of modern architects, 90% of the apartments built before 1990 are mainly made of 2 bedrooms, while the apartments of new generation were not designed to rent to students, therefore, it’s very difficult to find an apartment with more than 3-4 single rooms. It is rather possible to find an apartment of 200-300sqm with a 30m2 kitchen or a living-room where you can  play football.

5) How much  utilities costs in Lithuania?

It’s not so easy to say, ‘cuz usually water, gas and eletricity depende of use, while heating could be centralized or autonomous.

The bill of utilities is always composed by:

  1. Heating
  2. Eletricity
  3. Hot water
  4. Cold water
  5. Gas
  6. Internet
  7. Kitos paslaugos
  • Heating

Heating is one of the hottest topics from a political point of view, because the question is directly linked to the complicated relationship between Russia and Lithuania, which makes Lithuania the most expensive country in Europe per m3 of gas and Kw/h of electricity.

Central Heating costs  between 6-12Lt/m2  (1,8-3,6 €)
Autonom Heating costs between 3-8Lt/m2   (0,9-2,3 €)

Most of all the apartments are centrally heated. Only those ones built after 2000 or those renovated from top to bottom are independent heated. With the exception of few buildings, 70% of the new apartments are quite outside the old town.

  • Electricity

In Lithuaniait costs a lot, about 0.60 Lt/ Kwh (0,18€), the same as in West Europe, although the average of salory is 600€. Microwaves, washing machines, kettles, elttric kitchens, washing dishes-machine, fluorescent lights has deeep impact on the final price.

  • Hot water

In Lithuania it’s another problematic point, and it really expensive, about 25Lt/m3 (7€), so that the number of persons and number of daily showers results decisive in the final cost of the bill.

  • Cold water

In Lithuania it cost about 5Lt/m3 (1,45€).

  • Gas

In Lithuania it’s cost around 3,5lt/m3 (1€). Usually 20€ of gas is enough for  a month for 3 persons.

  • Internet

There are different providers, but price is almost the same, around 50Lt/month (15€/ month)

  • Kitos paslaugos

It s the sum of several different taxes included garbage, building’s administration, commun eletricity, building’s safety and checking and it depends of several variables as  m2 of the flat, location of the building, condition of the building and number of the flats in the building.

In our personal experience usually the costs of all utilities for a flat of 100m2 living 4 people are :

Septmber:            500Lt  (145€)
Octomber:            600Lt  (185€)
November:           800Lt   (230€)
Decemebr:          1200Lt  (370€)
Genuary:            1500Lt   (435€)
February:           1500Lt   (435€)
March:               1300Lt   (370€)
April:                 1000Lt   (290€)
May:                    700Lt   (205€)
June:                   500Lt   (145€)


Apartment # 1: 3 bedrooms and 70m2.
Cost 2100Lt = 30Lt/m2 => 700Lt/person  (205€)

 Apartment # 2: 3 bedrooms and 120m2.
Cost 2300Lt = 18Lt/m2 =>795Lt/person  (230€)

In case of the first apartment the total costs for the expenses of maintenance can reach 1200Lt (360€) for month during the winter period (October-April),whereas in the second apartment the total costs can reach 1600Lt (450€).
Consequently, although the second flat is actually less expensive looking at m2, at the end of the fair, it’s 60€ for person more expensive  than the first one.

Apartment # 1:
 2100 + 1200Lt = 3300Lt => 1100Lt/person
Apartment # 2: 2300 + 1600Lt = 3900Lt => 1300Lt/person

6) How much cost living in Lithuania?

Lithuania is quite cheap country, although with the Euro incoming, prices is getting higher fastly. Neverthless is still easy live with 150-200 in a month, excluding the cost for the rent and utilities. Such amount is enough for food, transport’s abonament (6€ for month), phone calls (4€ for month), parties and clubs (often entrance for free, beer 2€, koktails 4€, taxi 0,8€ for 1km), gym 50€ for month, Big Mac 2€.

7) What about Korner Hotel?

Korner Hotel is  a new structure which has nothing to envy to an hotel. In the structure there are around 50 rooms, often rented by foreigners. The double room (3x3m.) costs around 290€ and has a private bath-toilet. The signle room (3x3m.) costs around 400€. It has privat bath-toilet. Kitchen and rules are the the weaks points of the Korner. Many students complained about :

  •  Kitchen, which, although large, gives place to more than 50 persons  Dirtyness.
  •  Price, about 7 times more expensive than the other dorms, and  even more than a flat.
  • The distance from the center. It is located on a little hill 20-30 min by feet from Old Town.
  • No smoking
  • No party
  • Kitchen close from 11:00pm  to 7:00am
  • No possibility to bring in room people who doesn’t live there.

 8) It’s safety use our service?

Of course it’s safe. And if it wouldn’t, now you wouldn’t not reading here. If you are reading here, probabily is ‘cuz you heard about us and our service from someone elsewho have already used our service and felt satified.

Already hundred of students and travellers have ask for our help, and proudly we can affirm that none of clients were cheated, 74% of our requests we satisfied within 3 days of receiving and 88% within a week.

We hotly advice you to ask about us directly to them here

9) It’s possible rent just one room  of an entire flat if i’m alone?

 Yes it’s possible. You can just rent one room in one of the flat we provide, and then we think about filling the other rooms of the flat according with your personal preferences (male, female, age, students, worker, nationality).

10) I’m alone, where can i search flatemates?

 If you are alone but you don’t want we provide a flatemate  in your place, you can always sign in these groups and search by your self who is searching as you a flat in Vilnius:



11) It’s possible to rent for 6 months or less?

Usually lithuanian landlors are not interested in rent for a period less than 10-12 months but it’s possible find who let you for a short time. In any case, using our support you’ll have more possibility to rent for a shorter period,’cuz we can guarantee for you, since landlords knows us.

12) How to book a flat or a room of Vilnius Apartments?

 It’s necessary to check our website and choose the room or the flat which likes and send us a message in fbook or by email sending your request together with your details ( Name, Surname, ID, date of birth, address of residence). Then, we will send you a contract of reservation. If you agree with it, you need just to sign, scanner and send us back it.

13) Are personal details protected somehow?

Of course. Personal details obtained from the application form or similar are protected according to the European legislative decree N. 95/46/CE. 

14) I don’t like any flat listed in the website…. what to do?

Don’t worry! Vilnius Apartments has always a solution for his own clients. If you didn’t find the flat of your desires, you can always try to use our service
 Searching home”   sending your personal request and we will search for you.

15) What it’s the rent price ?

Is the monthly cost for the rent of all flat and it is always showed without the costs of the utilities (Internet, water, gas, eletricity, heating, garbages, building’s admnistration fees ).

16) What it’s the deposit?

It’s the amount kept by landlord to guarantee him self about possible damages in the flat. Sum is always refund if  not occurs any damageto the flat or problems with police due to the Tenants.

17) What it’s the Vilnius Apartment’s fee?

It’s a fixed fee for our service of translation & mediation, which has to be payed only one time. Check the prices here.

18) What it’s the down payment ?

It’s a variable sum between 150Eur and 300Eur, which landlords requests to reserved the flat in advance, in case you are not in Lithuania yet. Once you arrive in Vilnius, such amount  is always deducted from the total sum owed for the rent to the Landlord.